Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mitt Romney, Mormonism and Religion in politics

In the US, the 2012 presidential election circus is about to start. I read about Mitt Romney's possible candidacy and whether his Mormon faith will be a show stopper for him.

That it is an issue is actually a no-brainer. Many Americans are not comfortable with it. Will it be an issue enough? Time will tell.

It was not in JFK's case. (JFK was a catholic).

Reading the comments to this CNN article, it is clear that many non-Mormon Americans do not hold the Mormon faith in high esteem. What amuses me is that 'mainstream' Christians blast the Mormon faith for its lack of scientific evidence and its outlandish claims. That they (Christians) believe in a God who was born to a virgin mother and who died a grotesque death, with out a whole lot of evidence seems lost on them. As Christopher Hitchens says, we are all atheists, every single one of us, when it comes to other faiths.

So, should Romney's faith be an issue? Here is my take. Every president including Romney brings to the table her beliefs and convictions. The question we'd have to ask is if those beliefs and convictions would make the President take decisions that take the country in a direction we do not want it to go. His stint as the governor Massachusetts has not been very controversial and that is a very good sign.

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