Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bart Ehrman on Christmas and Jesus

This is Christmas season and time for scholars and non-scholars to pontificate about Christmas. The Pope has a book out that talks about Jesus' birth and infancy. I had posted on Bart Ehrman's review of the book.

Now Bart has written a piece for the Newsweek and it is the cover story this week. What Do We Really Know About Jesus?

The piece is a run of the mill Bart Ehrman article. If you have read Bart's books, there is nothing new here.
For many centuries, most Christians garnered their information about the birth of Jesus not from the New Testament but from popular writings that were not officially considered Scripture. One of the best known of these books is called the “Proto-Gospel of James,” composed probably in the late second century, a century after the canonical Gospels, and accordingly, far less likely that they contain anything like historically accurate information. But Christians throughout the Middle Ages were rarely interested in historical accuracy;
And not much has changed for mainstream Christians when it comes to historical accuracy, I think.

Bart takes a dig at the Pope and I love that. He also slips in the 'fact' that Jesus was actually from Nazareth. Even after getting beat up for his book, "Did Jesus Exist?", Bart can't help mentioning this 'fact'. Otherwise a decent article. Go read it here!

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