Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Many progressive churches have been scrambling to stay in touch with the changing times by ordaining women and gay priests and bishops. But, the Roman Catholic Church will have none of it. With the Holy Spirit guiding it and the Vicar of Christ as its head, the 'changing times' argument can go take a hike.

Fr. Wojciech Giertych, Pope Benedict XVI's personal theologian (serving in the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household) has weighed in on why women can not be priests. It is an interesting read, the LMAO variety. One laughs until the realization dawns that these nuts command a very very large audience and these rules have consequences.

Enough ranting. Let the laughter begin. Here are some choice quotes from Fr. Giertych.
Giertych rejects the idea that the all-male priesthood is a relic of obsolete social norms, as if such norms could have been binding on Jesus.
"The son of God became flesh, but became flesh not as sexless humanity but as a male," Giertych said; and since a priest is supposed to serve as an image of Christ, his maleness is essential to that role. 
Men are more likely to think of God in terms of philosophical definitions and logical syllogisms, he said, a quality valuable for fulfilling a priest's duty to transmit church teaching. 
"The mission of the woman in the church is to convince the male that power is not most important in the church, not even sacramental power," he said. "What is most important is the encounter with the living God through faith and charity."
"So women don't need the priesthood," he said, "because their mission is so beautiful in the church anyway." 
"I remember once a contemplative nun told me, 'Oh, wouldn't it be horrible if Jesus were a woman?' And it dawned on me that, for a woman, the access to Jesus in prayer is easier than for us men, because he's male," Giertych said. "The relationship of love, of attachment, the spousal relationship to Christ is easier for the woman."
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Yes, it is easier for women to access Jesus but men with their maleness and their philosophical bend of mind are the only ones who fit the bill. Because Jesus was male, for Christ's sake!!

It is only logical!

What is funniest is that Catholics still buy this nonsense.

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