Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where was the Holy Ghost?

Cardinal Roger Mahony, the retired archbishop of Los Angeles has been barred from public ministry by the current Archbishop of LA, Jose Gomez for his role in covering up the priestly abuse of minors.

In the Church hierarchy, the bishop consider themselves peers and equals; some more equal than others, like the Cardinals and the Pope. For one to censure another is unprecedented and in this case a welcome development indeed!

So, what does being barred from public ministry mean for the now retired Cardinal? Apparently very little.
Mahony's day-to-day life would be largely unchanged, Tod Tamberg, spokesman for the archdiocese, told the Los Angles Times. Mahony lives as a retired priest at a North Hollywood parish, Tamberg said, and he remains a "priest in good standing" and will continue to celebrate Mass at the parish. He will no longer conduct confirmation ceremonies, Tamberg told the Times.
Wow, no more confirmation ceremonies to officiate! Ouch! That really must hurt. Mahony's day-to-day life however would be largely unchanged. He continues to be a Cardinal, a "Prince of the Church", is still eligible vote to select the next Pontiff but confirmation ceremonies are strictly off limits.

Mahony has defended his record on his blog. Here is what he says:
Nothing in my own background or education equipped me to deal with this grave problem.  In two years [1962—1964] spent in graduate school earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work, no textbook and no lecture ever referred to the sexual abuse of children.  While there was some information dealing with child neglect, sexual abuse was never discussed.
Where was the Holy Ghost when Mahony needed his advice? Does the Holy Ghost get involved only when it comes to figuring out deep things like whether the Father and the Son are of the same substance or if the Virgin Mary was truly born without the original sin?

Where the hell where you, Holy Ghost? Where was your guiding hand, the hand that the Catholic Church claims guides it and keeps it true? Why did you let Mahony look the other way when his priests were raping little children?

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